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Huxley 616 in September 2020

Current status: November 26th: all systems and services operating normally

Imminent work: November 27th: Bazooka Hadoop cluster planned shutdown for network switch replacement & minor server upgrade

Latest news: October 8th: X2go documentation updated and another X2go gateway added

Maths research IT services remain fully operational during the College's reduced campus occupancy this autumn due to the Covid-19 pandemic and user support continues to be available as usual.

New users please note: much of the documentation here was written at a time when users would mostly be using these research IT facilities whilst on a College campus. However, with the almost wholesale shift to off-campus remote working for most since March, this assumption is no longer valid and it is important to remember that for security reasons almost all internal systems at Imperial College are not directly accessible from the public Internet. If you have been given an account on a Maths system, please read this note for information on the various ways in which you can access Maths systems when you are off-campus from anywhere in the world.

You may also find these tips on getting the most from your remote broadband connection useful.

For a concise overview of the research computing facilities offered by the Mathematics Department. please visit the Research Computing Support page on the main Maths website. The sysnews website you are now reading is intended for those who already know about these facilities and want to know how to use them.

Continually updated, the pages you'll find here contain useful information about the Linux and UNIX-based IT services and facilities available to the research community in the Department of Mathematics. Admittedly, these pages are heavily biased towards these operating systems since most research is done on Linux or FreeBSD platforms but we would welcome suggestions on ways in which these pages can be expanded to include support for Windows and Macs.

Getting support

Comprehensive and timely support is available most of the time including weekends, out of hours and during holidays simply by emailing Andy Thomas or by calling +44 7866 556626. More....

Main services

upcoming work: November27ththe original new.gif logo advance notification of scheduled downtime, planned changes, upgrades
current status: November 26ththe original new.gif logo about the current status of Maths systems, services and facilities
current news: October 8th current news topics
for Stats users news for users of the Statistics section clusters
Maths compute cluster: latest news latest news for the Maths compute cluster
ICT print service how to set up print queues for Linux and UNIX for the ICT printservice
Maths compute cluster about the Maths compute cluster
lovelace, a simple compute server about the new non-clustered compute server
web homepages how to create and maintain your homepages on the Maths website
laptop backup/sync facility relaunched service to automatically backup or synchronise your laptop
SCAN all about the Maths Supercomputer at Night facility
calculus storage server about the calculus storage server
working with your ICNFS home directory making the most of your ICNFS storage and what to do if you run out of space
GPU computing about the Maths GPU compute facilities
Maths SSH gateways list of Maths systems with external SSH access and how to use them
Maths silos about the Maths large data storage facilities
MySQL about MySQL database server facilities
subversion (SVN) server about the new Maths subversion server facilities
quickstart guide to job queueing for those who can't wait to start using the job queueing system
external collaboration support new service for sharing data with external collaborators
current Maths network status about the current network status in Maths
compute cluster 'live' website see how busy the machines in the compute cluster are
historical news items older news topics
Intel Fortran and C compilers about the high performance Intel Fortran and C compilers
ssh all about the ssh Secure SHell
scp using the secure copy command to copy files between computers
about Linux some (very old) notes about Linux
for Maths Physics users news for users of the Maths Physics section's cluster
The Stats CRAN mirror about the new CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network) mirror
alternative Usenet servers alternatives to the now defunct JANET NNTP service
using pine at Imperial how to set up pine/alpine for use in Imperial's email environment
fetchmail how to set up fetchmail in Imperial's email environment

Andy Thomas

Research Computing Manager,
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 26.11.2020

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