Current status of Maths computing facilities...

January 26th: all systems and services operating normally

Systems that are currently deliberately powered off to save energy include urop (a server used in summers past by UROP students), the SCAN (SuperComputer At Night) boot, storage and backup servers and a few systems belonging to individuals who are no longer using them.

September 5th: known issues

Current known problems are listed below:

March 20th: legacy known issues

As always, hardware faults can occur when systems that have been powered on for years are first powered off and then back on again a short while later and the following equipment were casualties of the scheduled power-downs on March 3rd and 11th:

  • fira: this elderly HP workstation in the Stats Linux cluster is awaiting two replacement disks but since the new madul, midal and model large compute servers which were introduced in February and March effectively supercede it, repair of this seldom-used system is not a high priority.

Andy Thomas

Research Computing Manager,
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 26.1.2021