MySQL database facilities

Maths has two dedicated MySQL servers available to all users:

For research

Following a request from a research group, a generally accessible MySQL database server was first set up on in May 2015 for those who wish to host SQL databases for research purposes. Accessible from any DNS-registered computer at Imperial College, this server allowed users to have their own database accounts and be able to create tables, etc themselves.

In March 2018, this server was replaced by a much faster system with fast SAS disks and much more disk space for storing large databases. Fittingly named, this server is now available for general use while macomp00 will be rebuilt as a cluster development machine (which was its original purpose).

For web-related purposes

An additional MySQL server is available on the collaboration and sharing server intended mainly for supporting web-based projects hosted on this server. This essentially re-instates the MySQL server facility the department had up until 2007 when the departmental webpages moved to College central hosting and the Maths webservers, which also hosted a MySQL server, were closed down.

If you would like to use either of these database servers just mail Andy Thomas with your choice of database name, the host server (mysql or share2) and your College username and an account will be set up for you.

MySQL is a high performance SQL relational database with speeds on a par with Oracle 12 and IBM's DB2 heavyweight mainframe databases - it is perhaps no surprise that MySQL is very popular with commercial web sites.

Andy Thomas

Research Computing Manager
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 22.03.18